Pairings for Mind-Melting Tapas

Renowned sommelier Rachel Macalisang is challenged with finding just the right wines to accompany the wild creations of chef José Andrés at the famed Bazaar in Los Angeles.

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Get to know Rueda, Land of Lions & Verdejos

Written by Laura Werlin When winemaking began in Rueda around 1,000 years ago, it’s a wonder anyone would have thought to plant grapes in this region of extremes – blisteringly hot summers, bitterly cold winters, and a relatively high altitude. Happily, the local monks and the Verdejo grape, native to North Africa, arrived in the […]

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Chipotle Coffee Crusted Lamb Rack

Due to its location inside of Castilla y Leon – the breadbasket of Spain, Ribera del Duero’s culinary heritage is vast and varied. Lamb and anything off the grill play a vital role in many of the area’s famous preparations. Some of our best memories of visits to Ribera are all about impromptu vineyard bbq’s with lamb grilled over vine cuttings. In fact, Lechazo (roasted suckling lamb) from the region has its own protected designation […]

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Ribera y Rueda Wines Make Food Pairings Easy — Here’s Why

Article written by VinePair “Some people get intimidated by food and wine pairings, but the reality is it’s a lot easier than most people realize,” says chef Joseph Thadeus Martinez. “Anyone who wants to try a wine pairing with their nightly dinner should absolutely give it a shot.” You may be thinking, “Well, he’s a […]

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Ribera del Duero & Rueda: The Breakout Stars of Spanish Wine

Article written by Wine Enthusiast For many U.S. drinkers, Spanish wines are ripe for discovery. Consider the wines of Ribera del Duero y Rueda, a region located two hours north of Madrid. Crisp, citrusy Rueda Verdejo is Spain’s most popular white wine, and robust Ribera reds are a celebrated staple, complementing the regions’ traditional grilled […]

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Celebrating Women in Wine: BBQ, Pairings, and a Conversation with Chef Erin Smith

To help celebrate National Women’s History Month (and the impending summer weather!) we reached out to Executive Chef and Owner Erin Smith of Feges BBQ in Houston, Texas to help put together a killer combo of BBQ pairings with Ribera y Rueda wines – all made by female winemakers! We also discussed what makes Ribera […]

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Master of Wine Shares Why She Loves Ribera y Rueda Wine

Master of Wine Lindsay Pomeroy and top chef Mikel Anthony come together in this short video to explore the Ribera y Rueda regions and our award-winning wines! Lindsay will walk you through both Ribera y Rueda wines and explain what makes each region – and the wines – uniquely delicious, as Chef Anthony highlights what […]

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Binny’s: Ribera del Duero Virtual Tasting

Our friends at Binny’s Beverage Depot know a lot about the unique wines of D.O. Ribera del Duero, and they’re sharing their knowledge with you! Grab a glass and join this virtual tasting held by Binny’s wine education team as they taste through the wide array of offerings from Ribera del Duero – ranging from “everyday drinks to complex, age-worthy, powerful reds.” Ribera del Duero’s Tempranillo wines are the perfect addition […]

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Mojo Verde Sandwiches

Simplicity and pristine ingredients are important elements in many of Spain’s most famous dishes, and we love how this concept is carried through in Chef April’s mojo verde sandwich. It’s the perfect marriage of sophistication and simplicity. Get the best bread you can find –it’s the secret to a memorable sandwich. If you don’t have […]

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