Tag: Ribera del Duero

Tag: Ribera del Duero

Food & Wine

A Wine List For Everybody at Amada

At Amada in New York City, Nacho Monclus’ egalitarian style gives drinkers plenty of choice.

Food & Wine

Roast Fires Up Meaty Wine Options in Detroit

And where there’s big meat, there’s big wine – and at celebrity chef Michael Symon's Roast in Detroit, there's plenty of Ribera del Duero and Rueda.

Food & Wine

Meet the Woman Pairing Wines With Bazaar’s Mind-Melting Tapas

The Bazaar by José Andrés is kind of like Willy Wonka (Mr. Andrés, in this case) meets a tapas restaurant, and Rachel Macalisang is the wine brains.

Wine News

President Obama Pops Ribera del Duero in Cuba

During his recent historic visit to Cuba, President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle and their two daughters (and security gaggle) surprised a Havana restaurant owner by dropping in unannounced for some authentic Cuban food ... and paired it with a Ribera del Duero wine.

Food & Wine

Houston’s Caracol Says Sí to the Sea

Caracol isn’t your typical Mexican restaurant – or at least what most would conjure up in their imagination when thinking of a Mexican restaurant.

Food & Wine

Texas Meets Vietnam and Ribera del Duero at Houston’s Underbelly

Underbelly is helping fuel the dining scene by putting a Vietnamese, Korean and Asian twist on Texas standbys.

Wine-Life Balance

The Holiday Wine Gift Guide

Your holiday gift list may be long, but your shopping can be solved in one lovable four-letter word: wine.

Meet Your Makers

Meet Your Makers: Emilio Moro

What does it take to set yourself apart in the wine world? For Emilio Moro, it's equal parts history, quality and philanthropy.

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