Vega Sicilia

Founded in 1982


Vega Sicilia's ultimate goal is to become the global prestigious benchmark of a single culture based on the constant search for excellence, harmony with nature and endless meticulousness and dedication. This is all down to the work of an outstanding human team and principles and values that transcend the individuals, both of past and future generations, and that set the path to be followed.

Gonzalo Iturriaga

Wine Maker

Gonzalo Iturriaga

A chance visit made him realise that wine was his future and unleashed his great passion, which is what enables him to enjoy his work. He is now embarking on a new stage of his career, in which he will continue to pursue an uncompromising commitment to quality, as established by Vega Sicilia. He brings with him all the efficiency of participatory working methods and teamwork, as well as the need to learn from those around him on a daily basis. He is an affable character with a strict sense of responsibility, and proposes that a grape's personality should always be reflected in all the wines he creates.

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34 983 680 147

Available Wines


It is the Vega Sicilia flagship. The qualities of the Tempranillo and cabernet sauvignon in different proportions are assembled to perfection in this wine. Each provides a differentiating factor that makes the wine great in every vintage. It offers an infinite complexity that is gradually revealed, in every sip, the palate immensely silky and elegant, and has an aging capacity that only a handful of wines in the world can claim.


Valbuena, is the purest expression of the Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) in Vega Sicilia. Tinto Fino is clearly the predominant wine in the assemblage of the varieties that make up this magnificent wine. The other variety used is Merlot, which is added to a greater or lesser extent depending on the vintage.

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