Pago de Carraovejas

Founded in 1988


In 1987, Jose Maria Ruiz and a group of wine-loving Segovians created a winery in the hillsides of Carraovejas, in Penafiel. The land enjoys a microclimate created by the sweetening influence of the Duero River, the dominant west winds that keep the vines healthy and the south facing aspect of the softly rolling hillsides, sheltered from the damaging effects of the north wind and devastation from the spring frosts and autumn freezes. The perfect conditions for a thriving vineyard: sun and air.

Our Process

Wine Maker

Our Process

Alcoholic fermentation of the grape is the natural process that reveals the intrinsic potential of the grape and contributes complexity to the wine. Fermentation is carried out by the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the yeast as it consumes the sugars. Malolactic fermentation by Oenococcus oeni, a lactic bacteria, brings the fermenting sequence to an end, softening and providing the necessary stability for the resulting product to successfully evolve in barrel and bottle. Our native microbiota is largely responsible for the unique characteristics of our wines. The yeasts and bacteria used to ferment our grapes are an indissoluble element, with soil and vine, of the wealth of the land of our Estate, and give our wines personality, essence and originality.

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34 983 878 020

Available Wines

Pago de Carraovejas

Type: Crianza

Fermentation is carried out in small stainless Steel vats and French oak vats (Haute futaie) with yeasts and bacteria found at the estate to show the terroirs unique characteristics while respecting each vintages singularity. It is clarified with natural egg whites and gravity bottled. Selected natural cork stopper. April 2014. Then it aged on the bottle.

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