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Acquired and renewed in 1988, Bodegas Mocen was founded by Jose Luis Ruiz Solaguren.

José Andrés Notario

Wine Maker

José Andrés Notario

José Andrés Notario has been the winemaker of Bodegas Mocén for 18 years. He is the member of the tasting panel of the Conseil of Regulation of D.O.Rueda. Innovative, passionate and hard-working, you can find him either swirling the glass beside a vat or running a marathon in his free time.

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34 983 868 533

Available Wines

Mocén Sauvignon Blanc

Type: Rueda Sauvignon

An aromatic, elegant and feminine wine with hints of ripped tropical fruit, vegetable tones and a rounded mouth feel.

Mocén Verdejo Ecológico

Type: Rueda Verdejo

A crisp, powerful and mineral wine with hints of lemon zest, fennel and herbaceous tones. It provides a warm mouth feel with a lingering finish.

Mocén Verdejo Fermentado en Barrica

Type: Rueda Verdejo

A full-bodied, complex and well-integrated wine with hints of toffee, dried fruits and honey. On the palate is big but with a silky mouth feel.

Mocén Verdejo Selección Especial

Type: Rueda Verdejo

A crisp, powerful and well-balanced wine with hints of lemon zest and cut grass. On the palate provides a warm mouth feel with lingering finish.

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