Founded in 2005


The Sanz siblings, with five generations of winemakers behind them, have been enjoying their own project since 2005. Pioneers in the organic certification of their winery and vineyard in Rueda, their wines have made it big by means of illusion, effort and perseverance.

Richard Sanz

Wine Maker

Richard Sanz

As Richard is the 6th generation of a family of winemakers, he was involved in his father Antonio's business from an early age to then go on and study Agronomous Engineering at Madrid University and then cut his winemaking teeth primarily in Bordeaux. On return to Spain, while making most of his father's wines at Palacio de Bornos for some 15 years he was also the invisible winemaker behind many of the early Ruedas that put the region on the map (Marques de Grinon, Lurton and Telmo Rodriguez) while simultaneoulsy making his own wines as far afield as Valdeorras, Almansa, Toro, Ribera del Duero, Leon and Cebreros. He has also worked in Puglia. Richard the wine maker is the soul of the wines of Menade's winery. Well trained and prepared in Spain, France, Hungary and Chile, among others, he has an air of genius about him, always developing and devising new vinifications. He truly believes, quite strongly, in the potential of autochtonous varieties, and Works at incorporating their maximum expression in his wines.

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Available Wines

Dulce Menade

Type: Rueda Sauvignon

Colour: Soft golden pale flashes. Aroma: Noted white, exotic fruit sensations such as pears in syrup. Wrapping in fragrances with typical provenance of the Sauvignon grape variety. Palate: Inviting fruity sweetness that opens to the fresh and natural acidity. Persistent and mild in the retro taste.

Menade Sauvignon

Colour: Yellow with golden tones and hues. Aroma: Aromatic intensity and complex display of various essences reminiscent of mint, cilantro, fresh basil with soft tones that evoke touches similar to mandarin tangerine skin. Palate: Fruity, round with light integration of fruit that reveal papaya and passion fruit, wrapped in a strong component of texture.

Menade Verdejo

Type: Rueda Verdejo

Colour: Straw yellow with green reflections, clean and bright. Aroma: Concentration of varietal and mineral aromas. Emphasized aromas of white fruit intermingled with hints of herbaceous type, notes of laurel, fennel and aromatic plants of low mount (such as thyme). Palate: Dry, balanced and tasty. Certain bitter touches, typical of verdejo. Round with volume. Natural acidity holds a long and elegant finish.


Colour: Pale yellow with green hints, clean and bright. Aromas: In Menade, we smell the first day of harvest and damp soils. It tastes as walk on the castilian plateau; must, grape, natural. Palate: We find a verdejo as they were before. Varietal aromas from verdejo grape, with volume, elegant and well-balanced.


Colour: Predominance of yellow, bathed with golden reflections. Aroma: Immediate presence of minerals, smoked and mature/ripe fruit. Unforgettable herbaceous currents like thyme, laurel and fennel. Palate: Fatty, rich with a lot of volume. An extensive and fresh aftertaste. Elegance, personality and tipicity are found at the end of this wine.

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