Founded in 1991


Jose Antonio Arévalo and Benicio Garcia founded his winery with the union of his two families “Garcia and Arévalo” in 1991, with the intention of preparing wines of the grapes proceeding from the centenary vineyards placed in the municipality of Matapozuelos, famous for producing one of the better grapes of the Verdejo variety. Garciarévalo's philosophy is to create wines that reflect the origins, the ground, the climate, combined with the wine traditions and new technologies.

Antonio Arévalo

Wine Maker

Antonio Arévalo

Working since 1991, Antonio started by working both the wine vault and also the vineyards. In 1995 he took charge of the management and the commercial work, and now he is the manager of the wine vault combining them with the commercial work.

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Type: Rueda Verdejo

Straw yellow color with greenish hues. Clean and sensual on the nose displaying tropical aromas of pineapple that lead to big, lovely, powerful fruit, fresh grass and a subtle touch of fennel -- typical of Verdejo. Soft attack of glycerine followed by fruity, fresh, citrus and sparkling sensations. Extremely refreshing and very soft wine.

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