Finca Torremilanos

Founded in 1903


The Torremilanos winery is located in the heart of the Ribera del Duero region near the town of Aranda. Its wine-making traditions date back to 1903. Sitting next to the mountains and with the known extremes of climate of the region, the vineyards produced well-adapted and robust fruits. In 1975, the Penalba Lopez family acquired the estate and began planting the rose tempranillo grape variety.

Our Process

Wine Maker

Our Process

As with most wineries, our wines are aged in oak barrels from France, US and Romania. However, we believe that the curing of the wood plays a crucial role in revealing the aromatic characteristics of a barrel and contributing to the wine. We use rain as a physical mechanism to wash and eliminate the most astringent tannins and then allow the barrels to dry naturally. The development of certain strains of fungi during air drying contributes to the evolution of the phenolic profile of the wood, and transforms the lignin vanillin. A much more effective process than artificial drying. Years of experience with these barrels, temperature, and duration have given us the right combination of factors for our balanced wines known for its smokey roasted notes.

Contact Info

Phone Number

34 947 512 852

Available Wines

Torremilanos Coleccion Gran Reserva

Type: Gran Reserva

100% Tempranillo from old vines aged for 30 moths in oak barrels.

Torremilanos Crianza

Aged in oak barrels for 18 months

Torremilanos Cyclo Reserva

Type: Reserva

Blend of old vines from Finca Torremilanos

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