Dominio de Pingus

Founded in 1995


Dominio de Pingus is a Spanish winery located in Quintanilla de Onésimo in Valladolid province with vineyards in the La Horra area of the Ribera del Duero region. Dominio de Pingus was established in 1995 by Danish oenologist Peter Sisseck, also manager of the Pesquera de Duero estate Hacienda Monasterio.[3] On the estate's winemaking philosophies, Sisseck has stated, The vines in my plots are very old. They have never been fertilised nor treated with pesticides and all grow following the traditional en vaso system. They are perfect.

Peter Sisseck

Wine Maker

Peter Sisseck

Peter Sisseck was born in Denmark and has lived for the past 20 years in the Ribera del Duero, Spain where the winery Dominio de Pingus is located. His fascination for wine began at home with his parents and was later inspired, at the age of fourteen, by visiting his uncle, the renowned winemaker Peter Vinding, in Bordeaux. This moment ignited a life-long passion and directed his future path into the grapevines. After a stay at Chateau Rahoul in Graves in 1983-84, Peter traveled to Sonoma, California where he worked with Zelma Long of Simi Winery. Later, he studied agriculture engineering in Copenhagen and, after graduation, moved in with the Vinding family at Château Landiras. He landed in Ribera del Duero in 1990 and took the post of technical director at the Hacienda Monasterio winery. Captivated with the contrasted and arid landscape, Peter developed a belief in the potential of the region for the creation of a high quality wine. What was supposed to be a short stay soon started to feel like home. His eager quest to find the perfect terroir of old exceptional vines was finally rewarded when he encountered the old vineyards of La Horra. With this precious find, Pingus’ story was about to begin.

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Available Wines

Flor de Pingus

Type: Crianza

The wine is clear and bright with a medium ruby color and presence of legs. The nose is clean and developing, showing medium intensity aromas of cedar, vanilla, chocolate, dark plums, dark cherries, licorice and anise. The wine is dry in the mouth with a medium acidity. It has medium supple tannins and a high alcohol. It has a medium body and flavors of cedar, vanilla, dark plums, dark cherries and liquorice. The finish is long.


Type: Cosecha

The nose is subtle, the aromatics enticing but subliminal. The palate is more strident, densely concentrated and packed with black fruit, blueberry and plum, layered with minerals, driven and focused.

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