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Bodegas Diez Llorente was set up in 2001 to give continuity to a culture that has been inherited from generation to generation since the XIV century. In 1965, the Diez Llorente family joined several local wine co-operatives and stopped commercializing bulk wine, although they kept producing wine for private consumption until 1985, always taking care of their own vines exactly this way.

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Our Process

In 1982, due to the foundation of the Ribera del Duero Apellation, the family began a new process of vineyard plantation. They currently own 173 acres of Tempranillo or Tinta del País grape, which are distributed among five different villages around the Roa area. Production is under 4000 kg/ha in order to guarantee grapes of the highest quality.

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34 615 293 031


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1200 W. Eleventh St
Traverse City, MI 49684

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1 231-932-9057

Available Wines

Diez Llorente

Type: Cosecha

This wine is near opaque, with a deep black core and pronounced mulberry rim. Itís overt and fruit driven on the nose, with good fruit purity and hints of dark chocolate. On the palate, a pleasant earthiness comes through alongside boysenberries, black cherries and slate. The rounded tannins are subtle and the acidity refreshing.

Senorio de Brenda

Type: Cosecha

Attractive color. A dark black-cherry colored wine with bluish hues. Fine and clean in the nose, guardian of illustrious aromas such as wild berries. Tasty and clean, fruit remembrance with an amazing tannin relief.

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