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Respect for the professional past and present of Cuevas Jiménez is clear right from the choice of the FERRATUS brand name for the wines from this family, who come from Ribera del Duero. The iron and steel structure running across the façade of their functional, contemporary winery represents a letter F written backwards and this logo has become increasingly well recognised on the Spanish winemaking scene. Although the Latin FERRATUS can be translated iron clad, the family's original objective was not to make strong wines, but rather to make the most elegant wines in Ribera del Duero. With the F of finesse. With the F of future.

Our Process

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Our Process

We collect the ripe grapes in small 15 kilo boxes. That way, they arrive whole and as clean as possible. Once in the winery, the grapes first go to the bunch selection table and are stripped. We even make a second selection on the grape table, a procedure so costly and old-fashioned that it is followed only for the great wines of the world.

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34 947 679 999

Available Wines


Type: Cosecha

At the visual phase we are looking at a very opaque wine with an intense picota cherry red color, shades of violet and a plenty of glycerine. The wine has a splendidly strong nose with aromas of red and black berries and outstandingly evocative touches of violet caramel, mineral notes and slight hints of toffee and chocolate. The wood is very well integrated, with faint notes of tobacco and a very complex final overall conclusion. In the mouth, the tannins are polished, silky and velvety on the palate, giving a final sensation of a pleasantly integrated whole, with notably compelling character and power. As the wine moves through the mouth, volume and smoothness are always pleasant. The acidity is properly balanced to make a harmonious whol

Ferratus A-CERO

Type: Cosecha

This wine continues the modern line of its predecessors, with youthful airs in its design and conception, a beautiful picota cherry red color with violet highlights and excellent depth to suit its style and purpose. Aromas of red and black berries with floral notes (violets), together with subtle touches of tobacco and vanilla provided by the aging in an unusual selection of oaks. In the mouth the wine is soft, ripe and appetizing, with properly polished, well-integrated but still apparent tannins. A well-structured wine with bite, volume and a good palate.

Ferratus Sensaciones

Type: Cosecha

Sensaciones 2008 is a very opaque, picota cherry colored red wine, maintaining brightness and intensity which, together with its dense legs of glycerine, anticipate its high quality. In the nose: explosion of black and red fruit, woodland berries, ripe blueberries and a hint of violets. The wood, present but subtle, brings us touches of chocolate and tobacco, with a mineral note very characteristic of all vintages of this wine. Intense and powerful, but elegant too, the wines aroma invites you to enjoy it. The mouth confirms the intuition of the eyes and the nose: this is a voluminous wine with a fine, elegant structure, a long, sustained mouth feel and a prolonged aftertaste. The tannin seems integrated and the acidity is correct, provid

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