Briones Baniandres

Founded in 2007


The Briones and Baniandrés surnames are synonymous with a long-standing, vine-growing and winemaking tradition, now in its fourth generation. As children our forebears taught us to love the vineyards, witnessing as we did the stages of growth of the grapes and the care to which they were subject, as well as appreciating the fine taste of the must, the first product in the wine-making process.

Our Process

Wine Maker

Our Process

After the grapes have gone through a preliminary selection process they are picked and stored in 15 kg boxes; it takes a mere three hours to transfer them to the wine cellar (from the cutting of the cluster to the selection belt). They are carried by gravity to the tank and not by pumping, thus enabling the grape to arrive at least half whole without undergoing any pressure, fragmentation, nor excessive airing. Manual topping and controlled fermentation, by means of hot-cold equipment enables us to endow our wines with their particular character. The French, American and Central European oak barrels (all fine grain), toasted to different levels, confer that special bouquet that is peculiar to our APRICUS wine.

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34 947 561 385

Available Wines


Type: Cosecha

Medium to intense cherry-red robe. Intense and complex nose. With the ripe red fruits dominating at the beginning. The redcurrant and blackberry are well defined. On tasting, it shows itself to be complete and smooth, while at the same time potent and well balanced. The tannins are very ripe, contributing a sense of density leaving a lingering, fruity aftertaste. Easy to drink, its sweetness is inviting once you partake a second glass.


Type: Crianza

A nice cherry red color, very intense with deep red glints in fine depth. Clean and bright. Powerful nose with a lot of intensity and a strong fruit flavor. Hints of very mature red and black candied fruits give way to fine wood fragrances, black licorice, cocoa, chocolate and spicy notes, perfectly combined with the fruit. It has the smooth entry of a serious wine, well composed with a good structure. Broad palate, tasty with a certain density, achieving an intense finish, which is both persistent and delicate. There is a perfect balance of fruit, acidity and wood.

Apricus Roble

Type: Crianza

Intense cherry-red robe with hints of a bluish layer, bright and clear. Well-balanced, intense nose, elegant and attractive hints of ripe berries. Spicy and toasted background with toffee and coffee nuances. Potent, spirited and tasty. Sweet, concentrated ripe fruit undertones, accompanied by chocolate, licorice and cocoa. Enveloping and lingering finish.

Apricus Sensus

Type: Gran Reserva

Intense deep purple color. Purplish rims, almost fruity with a fine depth. Very clean and bright. The nose has mature notes of black fruits, blackberries, blueberries wrapped in coffee, licorice, toffee and balsamic and chocolate undertones. In the mouth it is full-bodied, structured, fleshy, oily and sweet. A creamy, enveloping sensation, with a long and persistent balsamic finish.

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