Founded in 2008


1998 was the year chosen by the anonymous family Aceña Monge to start this authentic small winery led by the experienced hands of Jesus Ayuso and Rebeca Juan Palomo.

Our Process

Wine Maker

Our Process

Under exploitation of vineyards located more than 900 meters high and one foreign, also from the environment itself , our winery produces high quality wines with denomination of origin Ribera del Duero. This family winery combines tradition and innovation, care and attachment to their land with the dynamic spirit as their working style is concerned. With easy care vineyards, grapes harvested with care and wines kept for months in barrel and bottle, we offer an intense and well structured wine that will make the time of an art enjoyment . The undisputed pillar is care; care of the vineyard, the grapes and wine . Search the soil and wait for the optimal moment to carry out the work of pruning, thinning, cluster selection and vintage all by and for the highest quality grapes.

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34 667 784 220

Available Wines


Type: Crianza

A very intense picota cherry red color. Light robe with glints of garnet. Clean and bright. Powerful and very intense nose with a marked fruitiness. Notes of very ripe jammy red and black fruits give way to aromas of hardwood, licorice, vanilla, coffee and roasted tones which complement the fruit perfectly. Well-structured in the mouth, with a full, flavorsome and rather dense palate. The ripe and somewhat supple tannins, encased in ample fruits, are juicier and sweeter and end in a persistent and delicate finish. Fruit, acidity and woody aromas in perfect balance.

Terraesteban Joven

Intense picota cherry red color with marked violet rims in a light robe. Clear and bright. Intense and complex nose, in which ripe red and black fruits intermingle with well-defined floral notes of blue flowers (violets, lilac etc.). We also encounter notes of liquorice, which is typical of tempranillo and perfectly partners its fruitiness. Round, meaty and smooth on the palate. The tannins are ripe and sweet. Hints of fruit in the finish. Easy-drinking.

Terraesteban Roble

Type: Cosecha

Cherry red of medium robe, this wine has well-defined dark purple rims which denote its young age. Clean and bright. Clearly-defined notes of very ripe red and black fruits are followed by aromas typically found in wines of this age, such as coffee, vanilla, cocoa, and subtle hints of spice, such as clove and pepper. Complex and persistent, its ripe fruitiness and oaky aromas complement one another perfectly. Silky but intense mouth feel, with the marked presence of very ripe and sweet tannins. Ripe red fruits make a strong showing again, this time accompanied by hints of chocolate. A durable, rich and meaty finish ending with a retronasal burst of fruit.

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