Abadia La Arroyada

Founded in 2002


Bodegas Abadía la Arroyada was founded by Vicente Muñoz Muñoz in Terradillos de Esgueva. He comes from a family with a long viticulture tradition. As a matter of fact his grandfather, Vicente Muñoz Vivar, devoted himself to elaborate large quantities of wine. In addition, he sold this wine to the local inhabitants. It is worth saying that some of those vineyards planted by that Vicente Muñoz are still producing grapes for Abadía la Arroyada’s best wines.

Our Process

Wine Maker

Our Process

What is quite certain is that we look after and watch over every process. According to this the vats’ fermentation temperature is controlled by the fridge equipment with thermometric sounders which control cold water circulation through the vats. Another important process is how many times we pump over with or without ventilation, that depends on fermentation evolution and wine maceration and is decided at the end of each harvest day. It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that this processes as well as the rest have influence on the Ribera del Duero’s high quality wines.

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Available Wines

Abadia la Arroyada in Oak Barrel

In the privacy of our subterranean winery, the fruit of the selected grapes from our vineyards rests for 10 months in oak barrels. Decanting, the wine envelops the glass with a clean deep red color and violet hues; a bouquet to mature fruits and spicy and subtle tones wakes up our senses. In the mouth it is tasty and well balanced, leaving a lasting delicate aftertaste.

Abadia la Arroyada Tinto Joven

Our wines are supervised by the family that runs the winery and vineyards, since it is a bud in the Tempranillo vine until the wine is launched to the market. The result is a purple red colored wine, brilliant and clean in appearance.In the nose it reminds us of the harvest of wild fruits. The noticeable dairy aroma and a slight spicy touch captivate us.Tasting the wine is unavoidable to appreciate the pleasant experience of a rounded and well-balanced taste.

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