Antonio Alcubilla Lopez

Region: Burgos

The Wineries Alcubilla was born in the coastal town of Vadoconde, the fruit of Antonio Alcubilla's desire to continue the tradition of several generations dedicated to the care of vines and winemaking .


Region: Valladolid

Arbas is a family winery located in Piñel de Arriba Valladolid. Our philosophy is to produce quality wines and wines with personality. Jesus Arbas and Mayte have managed to permeate under the cellar, wine and facilities of other great passion: dance. It is not easy to relate these fields, but they have succeeded. Visitors are surprised that after wine tasting they can enjoy a visit to the dance Viñas inside the warehouse. A small stage that coexists with the bedroom of bottles, oak barrels and tasting room puts them on notice. The posters that decorate the room, alluding to teachers of Spanish dance, create a climate which explains the basis of the Rond de Jambe wine.

Arco de Curiel

Region: Valladolid

Bodegas Arco de Curiel born in 1998 in the spirit and dedication to quality, guided by respect for the traditional method of production of own wine from Ribera del Duero .


Region: Burgos

Gumiel de Mercado, in a wonderful setting in Ribera del Duero, has always been a town with a wine-growing tradition. Its structure is medieval and in the town center there is a hill where our ancestors dug underground cellars to keep their wines. This project began in 1999 when we took over the family vineyard and planted new plots. In 2003 we built the winery and began making our wines. The result of this project, with all its work, effort and excitement, has been ARROCAL – our passion.

Arzuaga Navarro

Region: Valladolid

Founded in the early 1990s by the Arzuaga Navarro family, the cellar stands near the Duero River, adorning a road as Castilian as the one connecting Soria and Valladolid. The building is an ode to stone, solid and rustic, forming arcades of monastic reminiscence, with towers at the sides and a belfry crowned by a weathercock at the center. The stone on the outside and the warm elm wood inside welcome visitors, increasing the mood for special wines.

Asenjo & Manso

Region: Burgos

At Asenjo & Manso, the grape variety that we grow is Tempranillo, which is indigenous to the region. Our vineyards expend over an area of 40 hectares, with vines ranging in age between 10 and 100 years old. They grow in clay soil, as a plantation of low bushes. The same philosophy is practiced on all our vineyards, for every one of our wines: Ceres, Eros, Silvanus and A&M. We believe in the future of wine and in the future of traditional farming as used by our forefathers, who paid attention to the wines, giving them just what they needed and not the other way around.


Region: Burgos

We were looking for the perfect place to make a great wine in Ribera del Duero. With patience and enthusiasm we found the ideal location in the area of Anguix, Burgos, where we could plant almost 80 hectares of Tinta del País and build an elegant winery fitted with the latest technology and with ample winemaking flexibility. These were the beginnings of a project which has improved the knowledge of the estate one harvest after another, until achieving its goal of making wines with that particular character only found in terroir wines. Each vintage is a faithful reflection of its plot of origin and the special characteristics of our grapes.

Avelino Vegas

Region: Segovia

The company was founded by Avelino Vegas in Santiuste de San Juan Bautista, a province of Segovia. He started producing wines with grapes from vineyards in the area, especially Verdejo. The creation of the Rueda appellation in 1982 was the acknowledgement of the quality of white wines from the region. In 1993, the family expanded into Ribera del Duero. They now produce young wines with exceptional quality-price ratio, including and superb Crianzas and Reservas thanks to the important investment of more than 3000 new French and American oak barrels.

Bajo Duraton

Region: Valladolid

In 2005, the Cusiné family, following a long tradition of passion and dedication of elaborating wines in the Penedès as PARÉS BALTÀ (in Penedès) and in the Priorat known as GRATAVINUM, decided to initiate a new project in the Ribera del Duero, applying the guidelines set by the first winegrowers of the region. In order to achieve this we selected vines that reflect best their philosophy: old Tinto Fino vines spread in different zones of the denomination, trained in bushes, non-irrigated and directed by winegrowers with a distinctive passion for viticulture.


Region: Burgos

Balbas Winery was founded in 1777, the same year that work started on the first underground wine cavern marking over 200 years of tradition and four generations dedicated to the noble art of winemaking in the Ribera del Duero. Balbas Winery along with a small group of others created and developed what today is known as the Denomination of Origin of The Ribera del Duero. Our wines illustrate the powerful and elegant characteristics of our terroir and demonstrate the skills of the great wineries of the region.


Region: Valladolid

In 1994 an exciting new era for Rueda was dawning. It was in that year that a Frenchman, living at the time in Nava del Rey, released a wine that was to change the shape of things to come for the Verdejo grape. This wine was Belondrade y Lurton - a Verdejo, fermented and aged on its lees; an elegant wine, harmoniously integrated in the oak, unctuous, and expressing the complexity offered by the different terroirs in which it was grown. Didier Belondrade’s belief in the ageing potential of wines made with the Verdejo grape was growing with each new vintage; and in the year 2000 this conviction was mirrored in the building of the winery at La Seca, designed by the architect Vicent Dufos du Rau.

Benito Rodrigo

Region: Burgos

At Benito Rodrigo, we are a family business with an aim to create excellent wines for your tasting. The grape comes from own vineyards and is aged between 15 and 100 years old. The most modern systems of control are used in the process of vinificación. The wine is aged in French oak and American oak barrels.

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