Tasting Notes

Vegadero is a concentrated fruit presenting the nose with a perfect equilibrium of fruit and oak which can be tasted in the palate in amplitude.

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About the Winery


Founded in 1999, Uvaguilera is the long time project of Matiniano Palomero and Sebastian Cabrerizo.

Similar Wines

Manjar de Silos

Type: Reserva

Manjar de Silos is a dark type of wine with purplish reflections. Presenting the nose with agreeable aromas of fruits in harmony with its time of marinating in the casks. Once in the palate its great structure of perfect equilibrium can be appreciated amongst a degree of alcohol and acidity that makes it agreeable and very persistent.


Type: Gran Reserva

Palomero 2008 is concentrated, with intense color presenting in the nose a perfect balance between fruit and oak making it wide, complex and persistent while at the same time being smooth and elegant in the mouth.

Palomero Nueva Era

Type: Crianza

Tasting this potent, intense red wine, presents to the nose an equilibrium of abundant fruit aromas in balance with a subtle contribution of rich wood. Once in the palate its roundness, softness and elegance is persistent.

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