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Mocén Verdejo Fermentado en Barrica

Type: Rueda Verdejo

A full-bodied, complex and well-integrated wine with hints of toffee, dried fruits and honey. On the palate is big but with a silky mouth feel.

Mocén Verdejo Selección Especial

Type: Rueda Verdejo

A crisp, powerful and well-balanced wine with hints of lemon zest and cut grass. On the palate provides a warm mouth feel with lingering finish.

Monasterio de Palazuelos

Type: Rueda Verdejo

Fruity with aromas of fresh-cut grass, fennel and hints of apple. Straw yellow. Persistent, full-bodied, with a long aftertaste.

Monasterio de Palazuelos

Type: Rueda Sauvignon

Bright pale yellow color. Intense varietal aromas with hints of tropical fruit and flowers.

Monsalve Verdejo

Monsalve receives its name due to the surname, well-known over the years by elaborating Rueda white wine. The winery has the most modern technology of wine elaboration. The fermentation is made in stainless steel vats. The color is bright straw. The nose is expressive with a variety of fresh fruit. It is flavourful, fruity, fresh and fleshy on the palate.

Montespina Sauvignon

Type: Cosecha

Yellow color with soft green shades, clean and bright. On the nose subtle, intense flowery aromas together with tropical hints. On the palate it is very fresh and full of flowery and fruity flavors. Long lasting end.

Montespina Verdejo

Type: Cosecha

Straw yellow color with light greenish borders, clean and bright. Great expressiveness on the nose, intermingling the own aromas of the Verdejo variety such as fresh cut hay and fennel, with the typical aromas of the tropical fruits like pineapple, guava and mango. On the palate is explosive, fruity and creamy; with a very fruity, long and silky end.


Aromas of lime, must and kiwi, together with the classic plant-like qualities of Verdejo. Beautifully fresh, with a long and dry finish. Wine Spectator says the 2013 Naia is a serious Verdejo, clean and pure, with floral and white fruit aromas intermixed with some balsamic notes. The palate is very pleasant, with good volume and acidity, which is somehow counterbalanced by residual sugar. Very good value.


Elegant, subtle and intense, with seductive typicity and aromas of fine oak. Opulent on the palate without losing its freshness, with sweetness and a touch of minerality on the finish.


Colour: Pale yellow with green hints, clean and bright. Aromas: In Menade, we smell the first day of harvest and damp soils. It tastes as walk on the castilian plateau; must, grape, natural. Palate: We find a verdejo as they were before. Varietal aromas from verdejo grape, with volume, elegant and well-balanced.

Palacio de Bornos La Caprichosa Verdejo Sobre

Color: Bright straw yellow color, with green glints. Aroma: High aromatic intensity. Grape variety aromas, white and citrus fruits intermixed with balsamic and anise notes. Taste: Fresh, unctuous, with good backbone and lingering finish with clear grape variety notes.

Palacio de Bornos Rueda Verdejo

Color: Nice pale straw yellow, with green glints. Aroma: Great aromatic potential, displaying the whole palette of this grape variety. Citrus fruit and herbaceous aromas with hints of anise. Taste: Intense, tasty and well balanced. Crisp acidity and a lingering finish, fruity and aromatic aftertaste.

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