Palacio de Bornos Sauvignon Blanc

Palacio de Bornos Sauvignon Blanc

Palacio de Bornos


Tasting Notes

Color: Pale bright yellow. Nose: Typical grape variety aromas of Sauvignon Blanc, with good intensity, personality and complexity. Tropical fruits aromas, with cut-grass and herbal notes, giving an elegant whole. Palate: Powerful and elegant, well-balanced with a good acidity. Fresh and tasty mouth-feel followed by a lingering and aromatic finish with varietal aromas.

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About the Winery

Palacio de Bornos

The winery was founded and began wine making in 1870. It is located in the town of La Seca, alongside what is now known as the Denomination of Origin Rueda region. Its wines were well known throughout Castilla in the late 19th century and its wines' reputation have continued spread both nationally and internationally.

Similar Wines

Palacio de Bornos La Caprichosa Verdejo Sobre

Color: Bright straw yellow color, with green glints. Aroma: High aromatic intensity. Grape variety aromas, white and citrus fruits intermixed with balsamic and anise notes. Taste: Fresh, unctuous, with good backbone and lingering finish with clear grape variety notes.

Palacio de Bornos Rueda Verdejo

Color: Nice pale straw yellow, with green glints. Aroma: Great aromatic potential, displaying the whole palette of this grape variety. Citrus fruit and herbaceous aromas with hints of anise. Taste: Intense, tasty and well balanced. Crisp acidity and a lingering finish, fruity and aromatic aftertaste.

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