Martin Berdugo Barrica

Martin Berdugo Barrica

Martin Berdugo


Tasting Notes

Harmony in garnet. A new challenge for those looking for extra complexity. A semi crianza with a stroll in the wood, powerful with a long future. Dark garnet color with violet and purple hues. It is an honest and intense wine, where nuances of blackberry and liuorice bloom, toasted tones, fresh fruit and vanilla notes. Velvet in the mouth, full bodied with agreeable tannins, perectly integrated with the fruit, and subtle touches of oak. Do you want to try it on?

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About the Winery

Martin Berdugo

We are a young, innovative and vibrant winery in the Ribera del Duero. We are fascinated by the world of wine and the possibility of trying new things. For this reason Martin Berdugo is a winery for daring people, who are willing to take chances; our wines express the nature and individuality of the fruit of our vines, using the latest technologies while all the time respecting the traditional methods.

Similar Wines

Martin Berdugo Crianza

Distinguished and elegant. A different wine from the Ribera del Duero, with an intense cherry red color, a perfect blend of fruit and wood. Outstanding fruit flavors, imbued with tones of jam, chocolate, toasted and aromatic vanilla hints - in an attractive, elegant and complex combination. Full bodied, well structured with polished tannins, abundant fresh red fruit flavors, very good acidity with a long finish. A long life ahead for evolving and maturing in the bottle. Made to measure!

Martin Berdugo Joven

Our party animal! A sure bet; the perfect backup. A modern classic, suits all palates. Flamenco dressing exposes its flamboyant soul at first glance. A seductive cherry red, an intoxicating and intense aroma with aundant fruit, black fruits and floral notes and a captivating full body evoke lively long nights decorated with candles and colored lamps. Doesn't it fit like a glove?

Martin Berdugo mb

Sophistication in a bottle. A great signature wine, the fruit of our desire to innovate. Conceived to surprise. This wine is made from grapes picked in strictly controlled areas of the vineyard. After a painstaking manual selection of clusters and fruit, the grapes, using modern criomaceration techniques, undergo a prefermentation in 6C for four days, before a long fermentative maceraction for 18 days.

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