Cinema Joven Roble

Cinema Joven Roble

Cinema Wines


Tasting Notes

Cherry red. A good nose of toast and and roasted notes of the time in oak integrate well with fruit touches. Good ride the palate, highlighting the and smoked touches of ripe fruit, with very round tannins. Very nice and fruity aftertaste.

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About the Winery

Cinema Wines

Cinema Wines originated in 2010 from an idea shared by a group of friends devoted to the seventh art and wine who wanted to merge these two worlds together. Behind Cinema is a group of men and women from worlds as diverse as that of science, banking, law, nutrition, education, gastronomy, wine, film and theater.

Similar Wines

Cinema Crianza

Type: Crianza

It is a dense plum color. The nose restrained, but with notes of blueberries, spice and vanilla. The soft, smooth palate is rich and concentrated with fine tannins, good acidity, warm ripe fruit flavors with bitter cherry, and a chocolate finish.

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