Cepa 21

Cepa 21

Cepa 21


Tasting Notes

A gorgeus cherry red colour with violet along the rim of a deep background. A borad and complex nose with notes of candied fruits (mulberry, blackberry and blackcurrants). It has an oaky presence, both noble and elegant. The feel in the mouth is rich and opulent, accompanied by a structured and long-lasting aftertaste.

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About the Winery

Cepa 21

Bodegas Cepa 21 is one of the most renowned wineries in Ribera del Duero. The Moro family, along with some of its closest friends, was the founder of this great winery, which manages to unite the traditional and the avant-garde in a dual commitment to quality wine and wine tourism. The name of the winery and its wine, expresses the nexus between the traditional (cepa=vine) and the modern (21st century). Cepa 21 wines are aimed at a knowledgeable consumer, open to discovering new organaleptic sensations.

Similar Wines

Hito C21

Cherry red colour covered with clear violets around the rim. The nose is very intense and complex. Red fruits of raspberry and strawberry, black ones of black currant, mulberry and blackberry. Elegant fine oak, subtly toasted with notes of black licorice. Fleshy with sweet tannins that give volumeand a long aftertaste.

Hito Rosado

Strawberry pink color, with a medium intensity, both clear and bright. Without doubt the nose is outstanding, dominated by the freshest version of red fruits. Very friendly on the palate with and outstanding balance between its acidity and glycer sweetness that make it very enjoyable to drink.


Malabrigo, a terroir that in itself habitually give us remarkable maturity and intensity, allowing the great terroirs to develop their full potential. In this instance it offers us a splendid and extraordinary wine that draws you with its intensity, seduces with the finesse and sweetness of its always elegant aromas where, if you spend a few minutes, you can discover one after another the aromatic nuances that tell the story of a wine made from a unique vineyard in a unique harvest. On the palate the fullness of the wine can be appreciated, marked by the tenderness and intensity of the sensations that it offers.

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