Blanco Nieva Pie Franco

Blanco Nieva Pie Franco



Tasting Notes

The jewel of the cellar. Totally made using Verdejo grapes from pie franco vineyards, with manual picking and with vines aged about 100 years old. Following the manual picking, the must ferments at a low temperature to maintain all of its fruit and mineral intensity. Luminous yellow color with lemon highlights. The nose is fresh and appealing, with aromas of white fruit and the distinctive notes of dry wood, fennel and dried flowers. The mouth feeling comes with a volume that envelops everything. It moves slowly through your mouth, spreading fleshy fruit and fresh grass. It’s lightly bitter finish gives it a great length and a pleasant memory. A wine of limited production. A surprising treat to taste.

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About the Winery


Vinedos de Nieva, located close to the city of Segovia, has a unique terroir which produces wines of an exceptional quality, freshness, complexity and elegance. The location of the vineyards in Nieva belongs to the 12th century, when the commercialization of the wines started with the peak of Los Cartujos monastery. The maximum production of grapes took place in 19th century. Our wines are situated in the high quality level of Denomination of Origin Rueda. We just work with the finest grape varieties admitted in Rueda: Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc.

Similar Wines

Blanco Nieva

Type: Rueda Verdejo

Made with 100% Verdejo grapes from old goblet vines (20%) and trellised vineyards aged over 20 years (80%). Cold maceration of 30% of the grape, clarified must, fermentation at 15C in stainless steel vats for 23 days, matured on yeast lees, clarified, stabilized at -4C and filtered. It presents a straw yellow color with greenish reflections. In nose, it distinguishes fresh aromas of good intensity. Memories of stone fruit, freshly cut grass and anised stands out. In mouth the intensity grows as it moves. It enters discreetly, with good acidity; the center is enveloping and fleshy, at the end the ripe fruit and the distinctive lightly bitter character appear. A refined and full-bodied wine.

Blanco Nieva Sauvignon Blanc

Type: Rueda Sauvignon

Pale straw yellow color, clean and bright. Good intensity aroma, clean and penetrating. In this vintage it stands out foremost the floral notes (violet) in perfect balance with hints of tropical fruit. The palate is fresh and pleasing, fast-paced, yet the aftertaste is uplifted, coming back the flowers leaving a long and pleasant memory. The result is a very expressive, fresh and very fruity wine that has a pleasant and fresh ending.

Los Navales Verdejo

Made using 100% Verdejo grapes, this wine expresses the most classic flavours of the region, a wine with a marked diverse character. The grapes come from trellised vineyards; they ferment in stainless steel vats at 15C for approximately 20 days; matured on yeast lees, clarified and established at -4C. Pale straw-yellow in color, clean and bright. Attractively direct aroma of white fruit with candy-like reminiscences and a touch of fennel. Despite its power it is by no means cloying and incites you to proceed further with the tasting. It enters the mouth smoothly and then reveals itself little by little. First the presence of strong fruity notes followed by a perfect acidity which highlights its freshness, then finally a slight hint of bitte

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