Second Glass Digs ‘Killer Wine’ from Rueda

Second Glass is kind of our spirit animal in the wine world. If you’ve ever attended a Wine Riot event, you know that pretension and stuffiness gets thrown out the window, because ultimately, all that matters is whether the wine is good or not. So, naturally they’re really, really into wines from Rueda.

In their weekly installment of Wine of the Weekend, Second Glass Co-Founder Tyler Balliet lays out a nice little summary of Rueda’s history, its battle with phylloxera and so forth, but most importantly, its resurgence over the past 30-ish years as a region that churns out some seriously high-quality white wines. “Rueda wines are light, they’re crisp, they’re refreshing … killer wine,” Tyler says in his video. “If you go to a Spanish restaurant, especially a tapas joint, this will be probably the cheapest wine on the wine list, but it’s really high quality wine.”

The best thing [about Rueda wines]? Super frickin’ affordable, man.

Tyler reviews three particular wines — the Yllera Family Viña65 VerdejoBodegas Shaya ‘Arindo’ Verdejo and Bodega Reina de Castilla Isabelino — noting that they’re all perfect for the summer.

“What you want to do with the Rueda wines, you want to pair them with summer, outdoors … you can do it with seafood, with sushi, with salads.”

And then comes the kicker.  “The best thing [about Rueda wines]? Super frickin’ affordable, man. We’re talking $7-8 to $15 for a really nice bottle of white wine.”

Cheers to that!

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