In RyR News: Wines for Your Valentine and Wine and Chocolate Pairings

This Valentine’s Day, Amazing Red Wines For Under $20 (Self)
RyR ambassador Brahm Callahan Master sommelier Brahm Callahan makes his picks for Riberas that won’t break the bank as you toast your relationship. He says Emilio Moro Finca Resalso is an “intense and fragrant” wine that pairs with a variety of cheeses like asiago, cheddar, havarti, or manchego, while Vina Mayor Crianza is a full-bodied red pours that makes great company with rice dishes and red meats. Read All of Brahm’s Recommendations

Perfect Wine-Chocolate Pairings (Cosmopolitan)
Wine and chocolate can be the ultimate power couple, as long as they’re paired properly. Together, the right wine and chocolate can bring out the best flavors in each other. Chicago sommelier Charles Ford Milk says chocolate with sea salt combined with white wine will introduce you to a whole new world of flavors. “White wine is a terrific pairing for salty foods and it still works when the salt is on a creamy chocolate bar,” Ford says. “When you combine white wine with anything salty, you get a delicious sweet-and-salty taste.” He recommends pairing Bodegas Shaya Arindo from Rueda region of Spain with chocolate bars with sea salt.  For reds, Ford recommends a “bold, smooth-on-the-palate wine,” to go with cherry cordials. His choice from Finca Villacreces will accent the chocolate “beautifully” because of its brown sugar components. See All of Ford’s Picks



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