Rueda Is Stealing the Boston Globe’s Heart

When the brothers Herrero Vedel created Herrero Bodega in the hills of Segovia, they had one goal in mind: Maintain the same, high-quality verdejo wine that their family’s vines had always produced. Now one of the leading verdejo producers in the region, that focus on quality has paid off. According to a write-up in the Boston Globe from wine critic Ellen Bhang, “wine pros are taking notice of bottles like these — when they discover them.”

At a blind wine tasting in Boston, a group of sommeliers got the chance to try a verdejo for themselves — and the Spanish varietal threw them for a loop. Bhang writes that “Sommeliers found it challenging to identify verdejo in their glass. Some thought these pours had a bright acid profile akin to sauvignon blanc, but peachy aromatics and subtle herbal notes pointed to a different grape.”

Nothing like delighting the most discerning of wine pros with a unique, unexpected flavor. But as Bhang says: “Don’t let the somms have all of the fun. Discover some of these for yourself.”

Want your first sip of a verdejo? Look for bottles marked with the Rueda insignia and the name “verdejo” — Bhang lists some favorite brands offered in the Boston area, including Bodegas Copaboca “Gorgorito” Verdejo, Herrero Bodega “Erre de Herrero” Verdejo, Herrero Bodega “Atino” Verdejo, Garciarevalo “Casamaro” Verdejo and Entreflores Verdejo.

Check out the full article from the Boston Globe, here.

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