Ribera & Rueda 101

The winemakers of the Ribera del Duero and Rueda regions were locavore, artisanal, and sustainable long before those terms existed. Their wines reflect an ancient tradition and a singular sense of place, yet have a timeless appeal.

Hidden in the high plains of the Castilla y Leon area, Ribera del Duero and Rueda are located next to each other along the Duero River, and are just 2 hours north of Madrid (day trip anyone?)

The harsh weather conditions and singular terroir there grow hard working vines that produce some of Spain’s most celebrated grapes.

Carefully made to underscore the purest expression of Tempranillo, Ribera winemakers produce bold red wines of incredible depth and structure, with balanced acidity and generous fruit – unequivocally food-friendly wines. The spices, dark fruit and smoky flavors of Ribera Tempranillo enhance anything off the grill, roasted meats and rich pastas.

Rueda, home of the most popular white wine in Spain, yields aromatic Verdejo grapes, characterized by crisp freshness, citrus and tropical fruit notes. Rueda Verdejos pair well with fish and seafood, salads, and Asian fare but are also enjoyable on their own.


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