In RyR News: Savvy Somm Tips, Wine with a Side of Fries and More

The wines of Ribera del Duero and Rueda are making headlines.

How to Be Savvier Than a Sommelier (AskMen)
Color matters. Bring it to light. These are some of the essential rules to live by if you want to show how well you know your wine. We turned to four expert sommeliers: to tell us how to use your senses to separate a great glass of wine from one that should stay in its bottle. Read More

Candy and Wine PairingsHow to Pair Halloween Candy with Ribera and Rueda (The Daily Meal)
Wine snobs may turn up their nose at the idea of pairing candy and wine, but when you think about it, there are some great flavor compliments. From caramel notes to vanilla flavors, candy can actually bring out some unique characteristics in wine. Ribera y Rueda ambassador Brahm Callahan agrees. “Candy and wine aren’t exactly a classic pairing, but there a couple “out there” pairings that actually work.” For instance, Callahan pairs the 2014 Finca Montepedroso from Rueda with Sour Patch Kids. “This wine is driven by ripe lemon, grapefruit, and apple that will offset the sour notes of the candy but with balanced acidity to refresh when you get to the sweetness of [the Kids],” says Callahan. Read More

Rueda Takes Its Place Among the Best Wines Less Than $20 (Forbes)
Wine shop shelves positively groan with oceans of delectable white vino for less than $20. Bright and crisp, mineral driven or bursting with tropical fruit: there’s one for every taste and almost every food. Take the 2014 Mantel Blanco Verdejo, a clean, pure and simple wine with subtle hints of apricots and tangerines … an uncomplicated citrus delight. Read More

10 Perfect French Fry and Wine Pairings (Marie Claire)
It makes sense that we would want to combine two of the most perfect things on earth—fries and wine. Brahm Callahan,  Ribera y Rueda ambassador, gives you the lowdown on how best to combine. Read More

 French Fries and Ribera del Duero Tempranillo


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