Ribera del Duero – 2021 Harvest

Ribera del Duero has concluded the harvest with more than 109 million kilos of grapes

  • This season has been shaped by the pioneering self-monitoring system that Ribera del Duero officially implemented for the first time in its 300+ wineries
  • Around 786,000 kilos of the grapes harvested are of the Albillo Mayor variety, the white variety native to Ribera del Duero, which will produce high-quality white wines
  • The 2021 vintage will certainly deliver great, juicy, powerful and long-lived wines with unlimited ageing possibilities

Roa, 24 November 2021 The Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin Regulatory Council has concluded the 2021 harvest, which took place from 9 September to the end of October. More than 109 million kilograms of grapes were harvested in excellent condition and quality, of which almost 786,000 were Albillo Mayor–the white variety native to Ribera del Duero–which  is also used to make the DO’s red and rosé wines.

There was a significantly lower percentage of Albillo Mayor harvested this year, almost 50% less. The weather, the drought and the lack of rain at the beginning of the season have all contributed to the reduced size of the Albillo Mayor berries, as the beginning of the harvest season for this white variety is earlier than for others. Yet, as a result, these Albillo Mayor grapes are of higher quality than usual, which will produce white wines with excellent attributes for consumers.

The Ribera del Duero red grape harvest began in the subsequent weeks, once the season was already under way and the white grapes were in the cellar. Following a few rainy days, there was a change in the weather, which had a very positive effect on the ripening cycle, accelerating it. As such, each winery and winegrower set their own harvesting time. Although there was also a lower percentage of Tempranillo grapes harvested this year (10% less than last year), over 108 million kilos of healthy, strong-flavoured red grapes of outstanding quality were harvested.

The first tastings of this year’s wines have left a very good “taste in the mouth.” The 2021 vintage will offer juicy wines with a powerful colour that are pleasant in the mouth and intense in their expression. They will make great, juicy, powerful and long-lived wines with unlimited ageing possibilities: exemplars of the best of Ribera del Duero wines.

Implementing an effective self-monitoring system

After its experimental application in previous seasons and having verified its effectiveness and proper functioning, this year, the Ribera del Duero Regulatory Council has officially implemented an effective self-control system, meaning that the 300+ wineries that make up the DO and their winegrowers are responsible for entering the data related to the grapes harvested.

The 2021 harvest was conducted using the Bacchus web application, an innovative solution that simplified the self-monitoring and data collection tasks for winegrowers and winemakers, making this season more swift and operational. Bacchus is a ground-breaking tool developed by the Ribera del Duero Regulatory Council to control the grape harvest, grape production, wine management and all the procedures that affect winegrowers and wineries.

At the same time, the Regulatory Council of the DO is responsible for carrying out the relevant inspections and audits, thereby guaranteeing the efficiency of all procedures, the origin of the grapes and the application of the regulations, as well as the quality of the Ribera del Duero wines.

About the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin Regulatory Council

The Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin Regulatory Council is the body responsible for watching over the authenticity of wines from the region, ensuring that each and every bottle carrying their label complies to its rigorous quality controls.

This demarcation is made up of more than 300 wine cellars located in the Duero river basin, which was voted the best wine-producing region in the world in 2012. The wines from the Ribera del Duero DO stand out for their high quality, limited production and commitment to innovation. Their winegrowers’ and makers’ desire to excel, their experience and their creative attitude, along with their dedication, tradition and talent all make Ribera del Duero wines unique.

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