Held concurrently with SommCon, the San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival is THE preeminent food and beverage event on the Southern California calendar.  Consisting of food and beverage tastings, seminars, and culminating in its own Grand Tasting, the festival is the place to be if you enjoy anything having to do with great wine, and great food.

The penultimate event was the Lexus Grand Tasting. Overlooking San Diego’s glorious marina and harbor, on an equally glorious Fall day, thousands of Southern Californians gathered to taste fine beverages, and enjoy delicious food, prepared by the best chefs in the area and beyond.

Ribera y Rueda campaign managers Brian Patterson and Sarah Howard were on-site with a full complement of Ribera and Rueda wines to slake the thirst of wine-crazed San Diegans.  Growing used to the compliment of “you guys are the best wines here”, Brian and Sarah were happy to keep the Ribera and Rueda flowing so that the crowd could experience as much of our quality and story as they wanted to.

Ensuring that the buying public knows what makes the wines of our regions unique, and understanding enough about them to have long-term interest in the Ribera and Rueda wines going forward is a huge part of the campaign’s goals.  RyR was more than able to honor those goals by spreading the word, and pouring Ribera and Rueda wines at this extraordinary tasting.

On Sunday November 20th, the festival closed with a competitive Pizza making event, fittingly called “Pizzapalooza”!  As the only fine-wine sponsor of this event, RyR was able to make a major statement with an enthusiastic and pizza-mad audience of Millennials and other San Diegans.  What goes better with pizza than wine!?  Ribera and Rueda were there to make sure that question did not go unanswered.  As attendees waited to taste the competing pizzas, finally reveling in knowing who reigned supreme amongst the pie-throwers of SoCal, Ribera and Rueda provided a delicious and multi-winery portal to the regions and their wines.  Sarah Howard was on hand to present the wines, answer questions, and make sure the audience left the event with a grasp of Ribera and Rueda and an appreciation for the wines that they took home with them for future exploration.