In RyR News: Mindblowing Sangria, Tipping on a $10K Bottle of Wine and More

Tempranillo Sangria That Will Blow Your Mind (Vinepair)
Even though sangria is fair game for day-drinking, and an incredibly easy recipe, it should still be made with some care and with quality wine. But finding that wine isn’t always easy, since “value” won’t always equate with sangria quality, and vice versa. Vinepair suggests a 2013 Bodegas Torremoron Tempranillo Joven and a 2012 Torres Celeste Crianza. Read More

A Cookbook-Inspired Dinner Party (Tastebook)
Pairing Rueda and Ribera del Duero with a tasting menu including crabless crab cakes, truffled bacon deviled eggs, goat cheese stuffed dates with prosciutto and sweet and spicy popcorn. Read More

Watch: Potluck Video Takes a Look at the Wines of Ribera and Rueda


How Much Should You Tip on a $10,000 Bottle of Wine? (Town and Country)
Master sommelier and Ribera and Rueda brand ambassador Alex LaPratt talks about what’s appropriate to give when receiving exceptional service along with exceptional wine. “I’ve taken care of tables that have spent $50,000 to $90,000 on wine alone and they tipped 20 percent … If you can’t afford to tip on the wine then you can’t afford to order that wine.” Read More

11 Wines To Drink When You Are Over Rosé (Elle)
After months and months of drinking the official wine of summer, it’s time to pour some out for rosé and move on to other equally awesome varietals. This includes the Shaya Arindo Verdejo that master sommelier (and RyR brand ambassador) Alex LaPratt calls “juicy and ripe, with pineapple, pear, and yellow apple fruit flavors. There is a balance here between vivid structure and juicy texture.” Read More

Wine Spnning WheelThis Will Change Your Mind About “The One Wine You’ll Never Drink” (Marie Claire)
“Some people hate ordering white wine at a restaurant,” says Charles Ford, Sommelier at RM Champagne Salon | Nellcote and a friend of Ribera and Rueda. “They think it has to be a big, bold red. But that’s obviously not the case. He says Verdejo is a gamechanger, specifically the Bodegas Shaya Habis.  “It’s mind-boggling when you let it warm up. Leave this wine out after you open it and do *not* put it back in the cooler. This wine tells an evolving story from the second you open the bottle to the last glass that you have.” Read More

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