Xixón Spanish Restaurant sure knows how to treat its winos right – with Ribera y Rueda, of course! From a takeout chef wine pairing menu to curbside happy hour specials, we promise you don’t want to miss out on these Ribera y Rueda deals that’re sure to please your taste buds.

Here are three ways you can enjoy your Ribera y Rueda with Xixón tonight:

  1. Chef Wine Pairing Menu – Takeout that is sure to please. Try one (or all!) of Xixón’s chef’s delicious wine pairing creations to-go or outside on their patio. Simply call Xixón to order and wine + dine the night away:
  • Cantosan sparkling Rueda + Scallops with strawberry sauce and sesame mashed potatoes
  • Vendimia Nocturna Rueda + Sea bass with pea cream and cherry tomatoes
  • Pepe Yllera Roble Ribera + Iberian pork tenderloin with apple puree and crispy leek
  • Count of San Cristobal Crianza Ribera + Suckling pig with potato and piquillo timbale
  • Jesus Yllera Crianza Ribera + Veal medallion with grape sauce and baked sweet potato
  1. Happy Hour Just Got Happier – with 20% off! Order Ribera y Rueda wines to-go or on the patio between 4-8pm, Xixón will give you a special discount. That’s right – delicious wines as you save!
  2. Get Your Wine & A Gift – If ordering multiple bottles of Ribera y Rueda (2 bottles or more) in your takeout order or in Xixón’s market, you’ll receive a special Ribera y Rueda gift bag – plus 25% off in Ribera y Rueda bottles to-go!

Don’t miss out on this delicious dining opportunity! Simply order online or call Xixón at +1 (305) 854-9350 to place your order.