Meet Your Makers: Cinema Wines

Good movies and good wine sure have a lot in common when you think about it. They take time, money and a certain level of good taste to make. They’re the sum of their parts, and one misstep can send the whole project awry. And, when you witness or experience a great version of either one, it’s seared into your memory forever.

That’s why Cinema Wines started, because its founders and makers know and adore the power of both good flicks and good juice. Founded in 2010 in Ribera del Duero, the project began as all interesting ventures do: A handful of men and women who are deeply passionate about both movies and wine decided to try their hand at the latter. With the help of winemaker Juan Ayuso, who learned the craft and worked at the iconic Viña Sastre winery as well as Abadia de Acon, Cinema wines wants you to sit back and enjoy the show.

“It’s a ticket to the movie we all wished to make,” Guillermo Pérez tells us, saying that their wine is basically “an invitation to travel through imagination and share wonderful moments enveloped in the magic of film … Both are an unforgettable trip to a different culture, country, time or experience for the senses,” he says.

It makes sense that their labels would reflect that affinity towards movies, so if you’re strolling through the wine shop and happen to see a bottle of Ribera with a film strip as its label, you’re looking at Cinema, and the similarities between making both movies and wine isn’t lost on Guillermo.

Think about all of the key players it takes to make a movie. The full cast of performers is only a fraction of the real project, as directors, producers, cinematographers, assistants and many, many more all have a role in the finished product. So, when it comes to wine, what would the casting look like? According to Guillermo:

Grapes = Cast
Winemaker = Director
Bottle = Movie
Glass = Screening room
Winery = Shoot locations
Harvest = Casting
Fermentation = Clapperboard
Tasting = Screening

A man this passionate about cinema must have his favorites, so when asked his five favorite films, Guillermo came through with some tried-and-true classics that would have film scholars and aficionados popping corks of happiness. His faves? “The Godfather 1,  Casablanca,  La Dolce Vita,  Psycho,  Annie Hall.” That’s some serious movie cred right there.

And what about Ribera del Duero as a whole? If there were one actor or actress who could serve as a perfect example for the rugged yet elegant region, who would it be? “Marlon Brando,” Guillermo says without hesitation. “Elegant, enigmatic, strong character, and that’s Ribera del Duero.”

As more and more Americans expand their wine filmography if you will, Guillermo thinks that Cinema and Ribera del Duero have a whole lot to offer “open-minded” consumers.

“The American wine drinker looks not only for different wine varieties, but also for new countries, wine appellations and concept wines. A combination of Spain + Tempranillo + Ribera del Duero + CINEMA is very interesting for them. It´s great packaging also makes this product a perfect gift.”

Oh, and in case you were wondering, it turns out that popcorn is also the go-to snack for moviegoers in Spain. “American culture has had an enormous influence in Spanish way of life in the last 30 years,” Guillermo tells us.

Popcorn, the perfect tapa!

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