In RyR News: Top Whites for Summer Days and Lobster Rolls

A Sommelier’s Guide to the Best Summer Whites (Forbes)
In Spain you see a full range of expressions, from sherry to Rueda.  The wines tend to be well-made with clean and bright flavors. Forbes contributor Katie Kelly Bell gravitates towards Vidal Soblechero Vina Clavidor Verdejo from Rueda. The winery team spends a lot of time sourcing old vine fruit which helps add more body and weight. Read More

Rueda Inspires White Sangria Recipes (Vinepair)
White sangria is also quite popular, and when it’s made with a crisp, fruit-forward bottle of white wine, like Rueda Verdejo, the punch is heavenly, light and refreshing. Crisp apples and ripe peaches added to the wine perfectly complement the refreshing acidity and juicy fruit-forwardness of a mouthwatering bottle of Verdejo. It’s Vinepair’s go-to bottle for crafting white sangria at home. Read More

A Rueda For Your Lobster Roll (Food Republic)
Whether you lean towards mayo-based Maine style or butter powered Connecticut style, lobster rolls power summer days. Other experimental chefs forgo both to experiment with non-traditional ingredients. There’s no wrong choice, but you can easily choose poorly when it comes to the right wine pairing. Our sommelier friends say that Ruedas — Naia or Menade for example — are the perfect white wines to pour once those shells get cracking. Read More

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