Introducing Robo-Somm (and Some Other Imaginary Wine Gadgets)

Imagine a world where you can never run out of wine. Your automated shelf is always stocked and restocked, and it even recommends more wines based on your unique tastes.

Robo-Somm, anyone?

Well, it turns out this idea has already been pitched on Quirky, and there are two words to say about that: Yes, please.

What other inventions would be great to see come around in the wine world? Here are just a few that vary in their far-fetchedness, but would be pretty sweet nonetheless:

Scratch-and-sniff wine labels

We test drive our cars, so why not our wines? Wine labels with a scratch-and-sniff testers will make your time in the wine aisle a sensory (not to mention nostalgic) experience. Imagine smelling the intense fruit aroma and cedars of a bright red or sniffing the notes of grapefruit and citrus on a crisp white without even uncorking the bottle? Wine shopping will become your new favorite activity, and winemakers will need to up their aromatics game.

Temperature-controlled bottles

When it comes to white wine in the summertime, all we want is that perfect chill. That’s why temperature-controlled bottles and glasses would make our afternoon. Sensors within the glass could be synced up to your phone to make sure it holds at the temperature you tell it to, whether it’s sitting on your counter or right in the sun’s rays outside.  You’re always going to get that perfect temp, and that, friends, would be glorious.

The adult faucet: Hot, cold, wine

Hot water for tea? Love it. Cold water on a warm day? Love that, too. But add a wine option to the faucet? Suddenly your kitchen sink is the star of the room (and perhaps your entire home). Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, set up a tap system of wine, full of various varietals (Ribera and Rueda, of course), and keep the drinks flowing, glass after glass.

Wine time smartwatch

Smartwatches are trendy, but wine is forever. This concept is simple: It’s a watch that reminds you when it’s time for wine. Sure, you can just set an alarm on your regular watch, but what if you couldn’t shut this alarm off until you were actually drinking wine? Now that’s innovation at its finest.

For more on the automated wine rack, check out Engadget’s write up. In the meantime, here’s hoping that some of these pipe wine dreams can become a reality!

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