Follow Somms on a Mission in ‘Uncorked’

If you’ve seen the infamous wine documentary Somm, you know just how intense the process of becoming a Master Sommelier — or at least preparing to take the test — can be. The absurdly difficult process has only been achieved by 200-ish people, and Esquire Network is going even deeper into the sommelier world (and eventually, to Ribera del Duero and Rueda…) with their new series, Uncorked — which premieres Nov. 10.


Uncorked follows six New York City-based sommeliers as they prepare themselves mentally, physically and emotionally to take their Master Sommelier exam. As they taste wine, study wine theory, and learn about all-things-terroir with the help of our pal (and Master Sommelier) Alex LaPratt, the stress becomes evident among the somms. It’s wine-meets-reality-tv, and we think you’ll love it — especially when later this year the gang travels to Ribera del Duero and Rueda for some Spanish skill-honing.

Visit Esquire Network’s website for more info and times.

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