Wine-Life Balance

Skip the Sangria and Make These (Way Better) Wine Cocktails

Sangria is great and all … *Screeching record sound* Actually, you know what? It’s kind of not great. Most of the time it’s just an easy way to make not-great wine tolerable by loading it up with sugar and almost-turned fruit. The best possible outcome from making it is a Farmer’s Almanac-worthy headache and a […]

In RyR News: Savvy Somm Tips, Wine with a Side of Fries and More

Some white with your Sour Patch Kids? Tips on unusual wine and food pairings pop up on Forbes, The Daily Meal, AskMen and more.

In RyR News: Mindblowing Sangria, Tips on $10K Wine and More

Tasting recommendations, food pairings, tips on wine etiquette and more from Marie Claire, Town and Country, Elle and Vinepair.

Wine Pairings For The World's Wildest Popcorn Flavors

New gourmet popcorns are pushing the limits of what a snack can be. One sommelier says that there's a Ribera or Rueda to match every challenging bite.

New Wave of Wine Critics vs. the Old Guard

Wine Spectator critics spend their days the way oenophiles dream of: tasting the great wines the world has to offer and getting to the essence of each with tasting notes steeped in tradition. Meanwhile, millions of everyday wine drinkers — who may not know a thing about terrior, but do know terrific wine when they […]

Sipping Through the Snow: Riding Out the Storm With Red Wine

The forecast calls for Ribera, Kendrick Lamar, grilled cheese and snowmen. See pairings wine drinkers are making with winter storms.

“Crazy Legs” and “Forest Floors”: A New Wave of Wine Talk

Wine talk has evolved. To prove it, we went to and found a new generation of critics describing Riberas and Ruedas in amazing ways.

The Holiday Wine Gift Guide

Your holiday gift list may be long, but your shopping can be solved in one lovable four-letter word: wine.

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