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Ribera and Rueda Pairs With New York’s Top Tapas

Riberas and Ruedas make multiple appearances on the wine lists of NYC's most acclaimed small plates hot spots.

In RyR News: Pairing Wine With Soup and More

Just because soup and a piece of buttered crusty bread may land on the simpler side of dinner doesn’t mean a glass of wine’s not perfectly in order.

Wine Pairings For The World's Wildest Popcorn Flavors

New gourmet popcorns are pushing the limits of what a snack can be. One sommelier says that there's a Ribera or Rueda to match every challenging bite.

What Pairs Best With America's Top Pizzas?

The nation's top pies show a wide range of regional styles and ingredients. One sommelier attempts to match them up with plenty of alternatives to traditional Italian house reds.

Sipping Through the Snow: Riding Out the Storm With Red Wine

The forecast calls for Ribera, Kendrick Lamar, grilled cheese and snowmen. See pairings wine drinkers are making with winter storms.

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