A New Look for Rueda in 2019

We are excited to announce a fresh new look for Rueda wines! Have no fear, Rueda-lovers: we’re offering the same delicious wines, just in a fun new package. As we roll out new vintages, you will see an updated Rueda logo and back/neck labels for each style and classification of wine. Take a look!

The new logo features our stand-out yellow, and is clear and easy to recognize, helping you to spot us on the shelves right away.


Our back and neck labels still represent the seal of guarantee and quality that the Regulatory Board grants to wines with the Rueda Designation of Origin (D.O.). The current back labels will be phased out and the new labels will now contain the name RUEDA and a special stamp designed for D.O. Rueda. Instead of listing the classification of wines (such as Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc, Sparkling, etc.) on the label, each type of wine (including red varieties) will be distinguished by a designated color. Here’s a look at the new white variety labels (along with the type and descriptions FYI!):

The first wines with the new packaging should hit the shelves early this year. Cheers to the “new” Rueda!

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