A Little About Us

Minerality. Mouthfeel. Body. Balance. Of course we’ve got all that. The character of Ribera del Duero and Rueda wines impresses even the snootiest of snoots. And we’ve got terroir for days. Centuries, actually.

But, chances are you’re not a sommelier. (If you are, good for you!) So while we could swirl and swoon while discussing the faint aroma of river stone and frostbitten basil, let’s get a little more real. We’re about popping a bottle for any type of occasion: a backyard birthday party, a Netflix marathon on the couch, or a shmancy dinner at that hot new restaurant. We’re about relishing the quiet, cozy moments and the swanky soirées. We’re Ribera y Rueda wines, and we pair well with anything except the same ol’ thing.

Try our vibrant wines with tartare or tacos, board games or bocce. Sip them from a snazzy goblet or a plastic cup — we trust that when you do, you’ll be relishing the moment. Oh, and the mouthfeel, of course.

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