Pairings for Mind-Melting Tapas

Renowned sommelier Rachel Macalisang is challenged with finding just the right wines to accompany the wild creations of chef José Andrés at the famed Bazaar in Los Angeles.

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Meet Your Makers

Meet Your Makers: Bodegas Balbas

When it comes to Bodegas Balbas, there's quite a bit of legacy and tradition to lug around, as it's been in operation since 1777.

Wine News

Ribera del Duero Lands on New York Times’ “52 Places to Go in 2018” List

Is your New Year’s resolution to take more/better/interesting vacations? Perhaps it’s to go somewhere under-the-radar. Even better: Maybe that under-the-radar place also happens to have amazing wine and food. Don’t let us tell you that Ribera del Duero fits the bill — the New York Times says so in its 2018 “52 Places to Go […]

Wine News

Ribera and Rueda Make Their Mark on 2017 Best Lists

Like clockwork, the 2017 lists have arrived, and just like in past years, Ribera del Duero and Rueda have earned some love.

Meet Your Makers

Meet Your Makers: Dehesa de los Canonigos

Belen Sanz Cid is good at what she does. Really good. The wines she makes at Dehesa de los Canonigos in Ribera del Duero have won some serious awards.

Food & Wine

Can’t Miss Lobster Roll and Wine Pairings

You want a clean, crisp wine to let that sweet crustacean shine, which is exactly what you’ll get with the bright whites from Rueda.

Wine News

In RyR News: Top Whites for Summer Days and Lobster Rolls

Ruedas are summer stars to pair with lobster rolls or to power white sangria.

Food & Wine

A Grill-Ready Swordfish Recipe, Complete With Summertime Wine

The perfect alfresco food and wine pairing, courtesy of the team at Grill 23 & Bar in Boston.  When temperatures are rising and everything’s coming into bloom, it’s time to move mealtime outdoors. When you’re dining al fresco, there are a few guidelines worth noting: Keep the recipes simple — most of the work should […]

Wine-Life Balance

Skip the Sangria and Make These (Way Better) Wine Cocktails

Sangria is great and all … *Screeching record sound* Actually, you know what? It’s kind of not great. Most of the time it’s just an easy way to make not-great wine tolerable by loading it up with sugar and almost-turned fruit. The best possible outcome from making it is a Farmer’s Almanac-worthy headache and a […]

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