All About Rueda

If we had to have a good metaphor for Rueda, it’d be something about an indie band that some people can just feel in their bones that it will be the next big thing. You kinda-sorta want to keep it to yourself, but it’s just too good not to share with friends. Yep, that’s Rueda’s white wines.

Much like Ribera Del Duero, its neighbor to the east, Rueda’s climate is simply perfect for the Verdejo grapes that flourish there. Cruel temperature swings are common a half-mile above sea level, and despite the occasional weather challenge, Rueda hit the jackpot with wines that are basically everything that most popular white wines aren’t these days: interesting, unique and as game for oysters and sushi as they are pizza or Chinese take-out. Whether in a snazzy glass or a plastic cup in your backyard, these wines deliver. Easy drinking doesn’t need to mean blah, because who has the time for a glass of blah? If Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio are your jam, do yourself a favor and grab a bottle of Rueda … you can thank us later.

RuedaDOFun Rueda Facts:

  • About 20 miles southwest and down the plateau from Ribera del Duero lies Rueda, the Castilla y León region that makes the best white wine you may have never heard of … until now.
  • When paired with rocky, stone-littered soils, the verdejo vines of Rueda produce wines that have exactly what white wine drinkers crave: sharp acidity, vibrant fruit and a complexity that’s so sorely lacking in many white wines. One sip of these and you’ll wonder why the heck you’ve been wasting your wine time with those other whites.
  • While they have a relatively low profile outside of Spain, Rueda wines are actually the most-consumed white wines in Spain … and for good reason — they are a remarkable value (wait for it…) and offer the oomph you’ve been missing from most other popular white wines.
  • …And that value thing: You’d be hard-pressed to find white wines this good, this nuanced, this complex at similar price points to Rueda.

Candid Rueda Talk:


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