All About Ribera del Duero

Sometimes the best stuff comes from conditions that are, well, not the most pleasant. Adversity produces great actors, great fighters, great music – and in the case of Ribera del Duero, killer wines.

With ripping hot summers, frigid winters and a rocky, rigid terrain, Ribera del Duero can be a not-so-stellar place for people. But for grapes, it’s freaking paradise. The tempranillo grapes grown here get a personality all their own, and the region’s winemakers use game-changing technology and innovation to coax every drop of complexity out of their prized produce. These wines are avant-garde, nuanced and willing to take risks: Think big, rich and bold, but still with old-world sensibility to avoid becoming over-the-top bombs.

Fun Facts:

  • A part of the Castilla y León wine region just two-ish hours northwest of Madrid, the Ribera del Duero region is home to red wines widely regarded as some of the finest not just in the country, but throughout the world.
  • These vines have to deal with extremes, be it 100-plus degree days and long periods without rain in the summer, or frigid sub-zero stretches of winter that might ruin another region’s agriculture. Not here though. Sixty-degree temperature swings between night and day are no biggie for these grapes, and the big jumps and dips give the grapes structure and character.
  • The vines, grapes, and people tending to them take nature’s challenges with a smile and use the adversity to their advantage, utilizing innovative production techniques paired with good old-fashioned know-how — centuries worth of it — to produce world-class reds that can rival any other famed region in Spain and beyond.

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