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Tempranillo: Ribera del Duero’s Prized Grape

Full-bodied without going Godzilla-overboard, Ribera del Duero tempranillos are about as food-friendly as red wines get.

All About Ribera del Duero

Sometimes the best stuff comes from conditions that are, well, not the most pleasant. Adversity produces great actors, great fighters, great music – and in the case of Ribera del Duero, killer wines.

All About Rueda

If we had to have a good metaphor for Rueda, it’d be something about an indie band you kinda-sorta want to keep it to yourself, but it's just too good not to share with friends. Yep, that's Rueda's white wines.

Verdejo, the Rock Star of Rueda

Ask any sommelier what a wine needs to be “food-friendly,” and they'll tell you one thing: acidity. Verdejo has that with a capital “A” – along with flavor, balance and fruit aplenty.

A Little About Us

Try our vibrant wines with tartare, tacos, board games or bocce. Sip them from a snazzy goblet or a plastic cup in your backyard — we trust that when you do, you’ll be relishing the moment. Oh, and the mouthfeel, of course.

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