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Hi there. We're Ribera y Rueda. If you don't already know about us, you're going to want to.

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Meet Your Makers

Dominio del Aguila

Up a hill that your car might not be able to climb, on a street that you’ll never find in a tiny town that your GPS will have no idea about, there’s something special happening at Dominio del Aguila.


Other Guests

Meet Your Makers: Garciarévalo

With the Garciarévalo fan base growing from Seattle to New York to Madrid and every where between, Antonio Arévalo has a lot to be proud of.

Meet Your Makers: Protos

Even for those who might only be minimally aware of Ribera del Duero wines, there’s a good chance you have come across Protos while staring at a wine store shelf or pondering the Spanish section of a restaurant’s wine list. Their history and pedigree make Protos the quintessence of Ribera.

Meet Your Makers: Marqués de Riscal

If you happen to find yourself moseying through the Marques de Riscal facilities in Rueda, you’ll see state-of-the-art winemaking technology, surgical cleanliness and an intense attention paid to those pesky details that add up in the end.

Meet Your Makers: Valduero

Doing things the easy or expected way just isn’t a possibility for Yolanda Garcia Viadero and the Valduero winery she crafts wines for.

Chefs & Somms

A Rueda Tasting With Wine Folly

Musician-turned-designer-turned-somm-turned-book-author Madeline Puckette knows a thing or two about wine. So, we invited the brains behind the brilliant Wine Folly for a little Rueda-fueled picnic.

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Other Articles

Ribera, Rueda Dominate 2015 Ultimate Wine Challenge

In what might be considered winning the Triple Crown of the Spanish wine world, Ribera del Duero and Rueda pulled off quite the victory at the 2015 Ultimate Wine Challenge: Our wines were the top-rated bottles in both the Spanish White Wine category as well as the Spanish Red Wine.

Why Philly’s Top Restaurant Loves Ribera and Rueda Wines

Fork Restaurant isn't just Philadelphia's best restaurant according to lots of lists, it also boasts one of the more eclectic wine selections around -- with both Ribera del Duero and Rueda earning a starring role on its elite list.

Whitney Adams Talks Wine, Blogging and Hot Dogs

There’s a new wave of wine lovers out there, and they’re changing up the way we sip and share. More than ever, 20- and 30-somethings are the ones calling the wine shots, be it in the stores or at restaurants, and they are increasingly bringing vino into their social spheres. To uncork some of this […]

Cosme Has Rueda By the Glass, If You Can Get In

Hands-down the most buzz-worthy new restaurant -- and hence, hardest reservation -- in the New York City dining scene is Cosme. And out of just five white wines served by-the-glass, the restaurant opened with a Verdejo from Rueda on the menu.

Red-Hot Wine and Grill Pairings at Seattle’s Miller’s Guild

When wine meets fire, magic happens. And Jake Kosseff, partner and sommelier at Seattle's Miller's Guild, is a wine (and fire) wizard who just so happens to have a hankering for Ribera and Rueda.